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Die Hard

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Die Hard er en amerikansk actionfilm fra 1988

Hans Gruber[rediger]

  • «Nice suit. John Phillips... London? ... I have two myself. Rumour has it that Arafat buys his there.»
  • «'When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.' The benefits of a classical education.»
  • «Mr. Takagi, I could talk about industrialization and men's fashion all day but I'm afraid work must intrude, and my associate Theo has some questions for you, sort of fill-in-the-blanks questions...»
  • «It's a very nice suit, Mr. Takagi. It would be a shame to ruin it. I'm going to count to three. There will not be a four.»
  • «I wanted this to be professional. Efficient. Adult. Cooperative. Not a lot to ask. Alas, your Mr. Takagi did not see it that way... So he won't be joining us for the rest of his life.»
  • «I'm an exceptional thief, Mrs. McClane. And now that I'm moving up to kidnapping, you should be more polite.»
  • «Now I have a machine gun. Ho... ho... ho.» (Da han oppdager at en av hans kriminelle medsammensvornes døde kropp med en lapp fra John McClane festet til seg)»
  • «(Mens han lister opp terroristledere og grupper de later som om de vil ha løslatt) In Sri Lanka, the nine members of the Asian Dawn movement...» (Karl mimer «Asian Dawn?» spørrende) (Hans skrur av radioen og trekker på skuldrene) «I read about them in Time Magazine.»
  • (Mens han holder pistolen rettet mot John McClane) «What was it you said to me earlier? 'Yippie-kay-ya, motherfucker'.»

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